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I CAN BE is a program designed to raise employment levels and increase economic stability in the most impoverished neighborhoods in Louisville and prepare residents for available jobs with local employers. In addition to high poverty rates, these neighborhoods have higher crime rates, lower educational attainment levels, and higher unemployment and under employment than other areas in the community.

At the same time, there are hundreds of available jobs in the logistics industry locally and many more when you include other industries such as retail. For this reason, the Louisville Urban League has created this special workforce initiative to outreach, recruit, screen, and train a large number of residents for available jobs.


Recruitment Flyer

The Louisville Urban League will host community Outreach and Orientation sessions for those interested in learning more about I CAN BE.

For dates and times call the League at (502) 566-3405.

The next Outreach/Orientation sessions are scheduled for:

Monday, June 17

@ 5:00 PM

Louisville Urban League

1535 W Broadway

Louisville, KY 40203


Monday, June 23

@ 5:30 PM

Louisville Urban League

1535 W Broadway

Louisville, KY 40203


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(502) 566-3405

UPS is the initial lead employer partnering with the Urban League on  I CAN BE and  Wal-Mart signed on as the second partnering employer.


The League is working with many other companies that will begin using I CAN BE for filling their positions.


Employers that want to partner with the League and I CAN BE  should contact Juanita Sands or call us at (502) 566-3405



Community Partners

If your organization, church, or group would like to host an outreach session or refer participants to I CAN BE, please contact Juanita Sands or call (502) 566-3405


Earn Cash Bonuses:

  • For completing ICANBE training program

  • After minimum of six months on the job

  • By enrolling & completing a semester of college

  • Referral Bonus for Program Graduates


  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Physically able to do sort/lift/load consistently up to 70#

  • Pass background check & Pass drug screen

Louisville Urban League

Center for Workforce Development

1535 W Broadway

Louisville, KY 40203

(502) 566-3405